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Web Hosting

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server gives you increased speed, flexibility, control, site traffic and room to grow. We monitor your server, notify you if it goes offline and reboot it for free. We even do monthly security audits to ensure your server has the latest patches and OS upgrades. Customers can choose from getting the control panel installed OR having remote access to maintain their servers.

Managed dedicated servers have many advantages and uses :

  • The ideal solution for mission-critical sites requiring custom server management
  • Perfect for web hosting resellers, web developers and designers
  • A perfect solution for webmasters who need greater flexibility, reliability and security for their clients
  • A boon for inexperienced server administrators
  • A backbone of a corporate Intranet
  • Anything else that requires great reliability, speed and a top level of security

UNIX Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Unix-based servers run a customized version of FreeBSD/Red Hat Linux. They are optimized for performance, reliability and scalability. Our Unix servers can provide a vast array of functions for your corporate or personal Internet needs. Possible uses include web servers, email servers, DNS servers, news servers, FTP servers, multimedia servers and much more. Because each of our Unix machines come pre-configured with our proprietary administration software, they are perfect for new server administrators. Our software makes setting up domains and features and ongoing server administration quick and easy.

WINDOWS 2000 Managed Servers

Our managed Windows 2000 dedicated servers provide clients with the ideal environment to host enterprise level, mission-critical websites. Windows 2000 servers are robust, powerful and provide support for a vast array of products. Supported products include SQL Server, .NET, Active Server Pages, JSP/Java servlets, Cold Fusion, Webalizer and much, much more.